About us

We deliver services to oil and gas, but also to others who need experienced package owners, technical advisors, and site- and project managers.

Our knowledge is built on expertise and experience from rig equipment suppliers in Southern Norway, in addition to experience from rig companies, EPCIC segment and shipyards globally.

We have been at it since 2011 and we have offices in Kristiansand and Stavanger. We have been part of the highs, and we have experienced the lows, but we are still here and would very much like to be involved in your project!

– Assure not assume; We will not assume, but make sure that you are ready for operation

Our employees have extensive experience from equipment suppliers and shipowners.

We use this experience and expertise to ensure that operators and owners are as ready as possible for error-free operations.

We are forward-leaning and like to be on the front line. We can’t do everything ourselves, but we have many good friends and acquaintances in other companies who are happy to help us out with things we don’t have the capacity to do ourselves.

These are people whose competence we know, in whom we have confidence, and in that way we know that you as a customer will get the desired result.”